Blackjack rules

Obviously, before you start playing with a dealer, you need to learn how to play black jack like a pro. Each card from deuce to ten brings points equal to its value, jack, queen and king - ten points, and an ace - eleven or one, depending on what cards are still in the hands of the player.

There are also special terms that need to be understood.

  • Hand - cards that are "in the hands" of the dealer or player. A feature of blackjack is that the player cannot touch the cards that he has or decks. When playing blackjack online, this is impossible even in theory;
  • Shuffle - one batch from hand to the last card;
  • Trekking - observation of the location of cards;
  • Insurance - a bet on a possible 21 points at the dealer is only available if the first card of the dealer is an ace;
  • Shoe - a dispenser of cards.

Blackjack rules

Now you can start the game. According to the official blackjack rules, the player and the dealer receive two cards each, but one croupier card remains open. This allows you to assess the probability of victory by the dealer and form your own strategy. For example, rules of blackjack say that if there is a small card, then you can continue the game, if a large card, and then make a safety bet.

The main task is to score 21 points. In the event that no one succeeds, the winner is the side with the most points on their hands. All blackjack cards have their value. A simple system is used for calculation - an ace is 11 or 1, depending on whether the player has less or more than 11 points. Cards ten, jack, queen and king each give 10, and the cost of cards from 2 to 9 is equal to their number.

When bets in blackjack are made, the player makes the first move - he estimates his number of points and says to stop or asks to give another card. He can take any number of cards or stop at any time. After the player has stopped, the croupier makes his step and also draws his cards. According to the casino blackjack rules, he cannot take an additional card if he already has 17 points or more.

The game uses a specific set of commands that every player must know:

  • Hit - add a card. You can do until the moment when 21 points are on your hands or busting happens;
  • Stand - the command to dealer, which says that the player needs no more cards;
  • Double Down - double the bet;
  • Surrender - after the hand is dealt, the player can refuse to continue, taking half of the bet made. The rule does not apply to all versions.

How to win at blackjack?

Each player wonders what is the best way to win at blackjack. But, is it possible to constantly win at blackjack? Of course, it’s impossible to win in 100%. But if you follow certain rules and play wisely, you can leave the casino with a positive statistics of winning.

It is important to understand some keys to winning blackjack: it is very important to be able to pass in time and also to carefully add the cards if you already have 12 points on your hands. Despite the fact that the basic strategy includes the basics of blackjack, it is not as profitable as it can be, therefore, professionals use more advanced strategies. 


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